Corprisk International Ltd is a leading provider of cutting-edge Technology, Engineering and Construction solutions in the region. We provide a wide array of services customized to match the ever-changing market needs. We are a locally owned firm registered with relevant statutory and regulatory bodies.

Corprisk International Ltd began as a security works contractor. Over the years we have undertaken many challenging construction projects in the area of building and security infrastructure and engineering works. We have developed great skills, know-how and experiences in dealing with diverse projects in our product offering.

Our inhouse experts provide designs and engineering solutions as value-added services to our clients, whilst envisaging delivering world-class value to all our clients. Continuing our legacy of continuous innovation, we have achieved new milestones with each project. Surging ahead with our presence in multiple sectors and involvement in multiple projects, we are creating opportunities and value for everyone.

We have a strong commitment towards the safety of the people we work and interact with. As such we take extreme caution in all our engagements. We believe in infinite possibilities and every one of our initiatives hopes to empower the lives of the people connected to it.