Security guards help ensure the safety of property, employees, and residents. Workers patrol and monitor a wide variety of settings, including schools, shopping malls, banks, entertainment venues, transportation facilities, public museums, and hospitals. Being a security guard is a job that goes from extremes, for most of the time it can be pretty boring but for short periods it can also be very dangerous, exhilarating and exciting.

At our Private Security Training Academy, we provide the necessary security training to match a wide range of security workers. Our programs range from 2-weeks short courses to 3 months and beyond depending the unique client needs. Situated on 4 acres of land the serene plans of Malili next to Konza Technopolis, the academy is well equipped, secure and spacious. The academy is served by a well serviced borehole and can host up to 100 trainees at a time.

Trainees also have a chance to experience nature and the outdoors through the well-manicured and expansive gardens within the institution. We also provide boarding and transport facilities to and from the academy.

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