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Home security in Kenya is a rising precaution for a lot of homeowners and companies. In Kenya, security is always an uncertain endeavor as unrest can happen at any time. With this in mind, we keep our homes safe because we want our families and property to be safe. To solve this problem, we believe in upgrading our home security system in Kenya by getting different security gadgets to make you and your premise feel safe. This can be done through the installation of various equipment such as Automatic Gates, Electric Fences, Intercom Systems, and Security cameras/ CCTVs. 

Simple Ways to Upgrade your Home Security in Kenya

1. Automatic Gates in Kenya

Automatic gates in Kenya isn’t just a requirement to keep you safe, but a way to raise your property’s value. It is noticeable that automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular for business premises and family homes.  

When deciding on the automatic gates, it is essential to be aware of the latest developments in the market, this will help you find the right fit for your needs. In Kenya, there are different types of automatic gates: the swinging gate and the sliding gate. Automation is determined by the size and weight of the gates that will be automated. 

How to Choose Your Automatic Gate in Kenya

Making the change from a manual gate to an automatic gate in Kenya can seem overwhelming. So many choices to choose from especially for first-time users. Here are a few simple tips to make your process smooth and easy

1. Automatic Gates Price range

How much do automatic gates in Kenya cost? Automatic gates in Kenya range between Ksh 100,000 and Ksh 150,000 depending on the location and the type of automation required.

2. Automatic Gates Power Supply

Most gates need a standard domestic power supply in the area. This same power supply can be used for intercoms and lighting systems regarding the gate system.

3. Space consideration – Slide or Swing

The type of gate you want is determined by the entrance of your property. Depending on the type of driveway, such as a slope going upwards would need a sliding gate. While swing gates don’t need side space, they can be fitted into properties with narrow frontages.

4. Automatic gates Style options

This gate is determined by your wants, needs, and property type. Depending on your need for privacy or aesthetics, there are gates specifically for that purpose.

2. Electric Fences in Kenya

They are used for the security of physical perimeters. They take less time to install and use fewer materials as opposed to the barbed wires. When it comes to putting up electric fences, they are known to be more versatile as they can be taken and reinstalled easily. Some of the benefits of electric fences are that they are simple and flexible. They encourage low maintenance and this is due to their stock pressure. Electric fences are not just good for home security but also can be used in an agricultural context. 

How to Choose Your Electric Fence in Kenya

When picking your security measure to guarantee safety, here are a couple of tips to consider before making the purchase.

The Type of Electric Fence

Picking the type of electric fence goes hand in hand with the need for the fence. Depending on its purpose and the situation, you want to protect your premises. Thus, once you know why you need it, you shake to be able to get the best.

The Voltage

If you touch an electrical fence, there is a high chance you will get shocked. For this to happen, it must be charged, as the charge determines the extent to which you will get electrocuted. If the fence is being used to protect animals, it is important to use electrical wires with a high charge to keep them safe.

The Distance Between Wires

This will determine the number of wires needed to surround the area. To purchase the fences, you will have to know the number of stalls to install.

The Area being Fenced

First thing to note is that the land has to be enclosed. This will determine the size of the fence being purchased. To make it easier to remember about fencing, the larger the land, the longer the fence.

3. Intercom Systems in Kenya

What is an intercom system?

An intercom system is a two-way communication device that is used for transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions. In the case of security, intercom systems allow you to interact with a visitor without having to open the door. The intercom systems are suitable for apartments and gated communities to facilitate communication and enhance security. We integrate the intercom systems with automatic gates for easy opening and closing of the gate or main entrance door by the push of a button. 

Why intercom systems are important for home security?

You might be wondering why you need an intercom system for your home in Kenya

Some of the reasons to get an intercom system would be:

  • Security purposes
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Monitoring they young and the elderly
  • Convenience

There is a variety of implementations depending on the property setup. The audio intercom system is the simplest installation in homes as it uses a quality audio phone. While the door phone has an integrated intercom switch with a handset or desk phone. Such that, if a visitor pushes the intercom button, the resident will get a notification in the form of a phone call. 

The video intercom system is more advanced. This device includes audio, video, and sound in the same device. The device is mounted at the gate and has a camera. The door intercom system has improved the residential security. In terms of how it works, the door intercom system has a wired setup that cables the entire system. This cabling is usually more stable in the signal transmission and non-interference. Cabling can be a messy endeavor, if not handled by a professional security company. 

How to Choose your Intercom System in Kenya

When deciding to choose your intercom system it is important, that you get exactly what you desire. Here are a few things to think about before looking for a system. 

Wired Technology or Wireless Technology

When choosing an intercom, it is important to note that the more wires in the system, the more features deliver.  The wire intercom system needs to be professionally installed. While wireless systems run on the network. The wireless is easy to install as they don’t require a setup and can be taken out, and ready to use.

Audio and Video System

Video intercom system is convenient in terms of security. It is easy to identify visitors through video feed rather than relying on audio. With video intercom, you are able to take snapshots of visitors. While for others it allows you to add a surveillance camera as a security measure. Audio intercoms are a good choice for those who want to speak to their visitors before opening the door. It is viable for internal communication between rooms in a large house or building. 

4. Security Cameras/CCTVs in Kenya

Security cameras in Kenya are one of the easiest ways to make sure your business and homes stay protected. Surveillance systems have become more widely accepted by companies and residents, to reduce illegal activities that happen around. 

What are CCTVs?

CCTVs stands for closed-circuit television and are known as video surveillance. CCTVs are used to detect and record for security purposes. When it comes to security cameras, finding the right location and positions to place the camera will give the correct surveillance and improve the productivity and efficiency of the business. 

How to choose Security Cameras in Kenya

Camera type

This is dependent on where you want to place it. As there are different options such as in-house cameras to wireless cameras to choose from. Which varies on the desired location. Such as, outside cameras can use wireless security cameras or video doorbells.  

When it comes to picking cameras, their positioning of them is important. In a home, an outdoor CCTV camera should cover the front and back door and perhaps the driveway. While indoor cameras should be placed in the main rooms which are the living room and kitchen areas. 

Power Source

When it comes to security cameras, battery-powered cameras offer flexibility in terms of placement in and around your home. Depending on the type of camera and how much it is used, you may need to recharge it on a weekly to a monthly basis. The power source you choose could limit the number of models to choose from.

Cloud Storage

Before picking the type of camera you need, it is important to find out how much free cloud storage comes with it and its additional cost. Instead of video cards, cloud storage has servers that will remotely keep the footage. 


Upgrading security is made easier with the focus on these four important aspects of home security in Kenya. To understand and get more solutions for your security problems, call the experts and they will make safety a priority in your space.

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